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Professional & Friendly

We are a fully insured Castle Vale home-based business offering professional quality cuts and grooming for your dog. Grooming can be stressful for your dog, which is why we strive to make them feel as comfortable as possible and treat him/her as our own.

Your Needs & Requirements

Special needs can be catered for with hypo-allergenic products for sensitive skins. Alternatively if you would prefer to provide your own shampoo, this can be accommodated. Your dogs happiness is paramount which is why we feel communication between yourself and us is important so we can insure the welfare of him/her. When you drop your dog off to us, we will discuss exactly what you want from us so you can walk away happy knowing you’ll be seeing a smart, happy, trimmed pooch when you return.

Reasonable & Affordable

We do not publish our prices online because they can be confusing and are subject to each individual dogs needs. We set a base price for a breed but then take into consideration variations in size, weight, coat length, condition as well as the dogs behaviour. A final price will be discussed with you when the dog is dropped off so we can fairly assess the amount of work required. A rough estimate can be given over the phone based on a description of your dog, but we must stress that this price is not final and is subject to our conditions stated above.

Testimonials What our Customers say about us

Miniature Schnauzer

My miniature schnauzer Alfie was very nervous and scared when he was groomed by someone else so we decided to try somewhere new. So glad we did as Sam the groomer is amazing with Alfie and very patient and calm.

He's now allowing Sam to groom him all over and he looks so handsome and lovely. Really really recommend this place and a big thumbs up from Alfie too!

The Newfoundland

Our first visit yesterday with our Newfie Duke. He came out looking smelling amazing! Will definitely be returning and recommending you to our friends & family. Thank you!

Long Haired Cockapoo

First time at hair of the dog groomers. Was a bit worried how Dougal would turn out being a long haired cockapoo. Fantastic result, we were really pleased. This shall be Dougals regular groomer! Great service and Dougal came out happy, relaxed and handsome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save myself money and my dog stress?

Grooming doesn’t start or end in a grooming salon! Regular brushing will go a long way to help reduce mats in your dogs coat which will only serve to cause your dog distress and will incur dematting costs on your grooms. If you are unsure what brushes you should use for your dogs coat feel free to bring the dog in at an appointed time so we can give you the best advice.

I have a new puppy who will need grooming in the future, what can I do to introduce them to grooming?

We strongly encourage introducing puppies to grooming at a young age as this could save them alot of stress later on in life. This will involve bringing your puppy to us and showing them the noises and experiences of being groomed. You can also further this training by getting your puppy happy with having his paws handled, keeping still as well as comfortable around vacuum cleaners and hairdryers. You can even use an electric toothbrush to simulate the noise of clippers around their paws and heads. Feel free to ring for advice and help on this matter it could help you to save money in the future on your grooms.

How do I know what brush is right for my dogs coat?

Don't despair! There's a boat load of different brushes out there, many of which that do the same job! Give us a message, knock or ring and we'll be happy to put you right.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

On average most dogs should be coming in every 4-6 weeks. Naturally our busy lifestyles and finances can't always allow for that - so regular brushing will help to keep your dog happy and his coat in much better condition.

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